Wanted: 12'x 40' to 50' mobile home in southern ontario. ASAP

City: Toronto
Last visit: 2014-01-28
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Posted: 2014-01-28

I've been looking  for one year now, but to no avail. Obviously I know what I want, eh.  I've wanted to buy a mobile home since March 2013, but to no avail. I'll pay up to $20,000 to move in by March, or April. I don't want a trailer, but rather a mobile home near the Hamilton/NiagriaFalls area. My intentions are to live in it for the rest of my days, so I don't want a trailer. I'd like to buy a mobile home in a year round park, and not in a seasonal park. Have you got a Mobile Home for sale in Southern Ontario only? I'd like to buy a 12' x 40' to 50' mobile home. I have a small pension, and can pay up to $20,000. Also want to buy it in a year round mobile trailer park, so it doesn't have to be moved. I once owned a 12' x 60' mobile home, but only need a one bedroom now. Please email, or phone this 78 year old seniour if you can, or know of someone that can help. Happy in Toronto. 416-962-1272