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Calvin I. Diaz
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Posted: 2014-01-30


Advanced Vocal Coaching/Consulting to Celebrities: The Vocal Science(TM) Method produces fast and efficient results for those who rely on their professional use of voice. The Vocal Science(TM) Method is the revolutionary approach to voice mechanics, which allows the voice to work in its fullest capacity possible with absolutely no strain or pain on the vocal anatomy.

Celebrity Clients Include:                                                                             

Raine of "Our Lady Peace" - Sony

Lukas Rossi - Winner of Rockstar Supernova TV Show

Brian Melo - Winner of Canadian Idol 2007

And many others

Artist Live Performance Coaching/Consulting:

It's a known fact that it is much easier to produce a recorded version of the artist's performance than for the artist to replicate it live. Due to that fact, a lot of artists (celebrities included) may feel a loss of confidence and experience some insecurity while on stage live.

Not only via Vocal Science(TM) method will they be able to sing by "design" and not "play it by ear", but they will be able to sustain their confidence and be secure in their performance via their obtained knowledge, which does, no doubts, produce confidence. The secure and sound vocal technique will also greatly aid in their authentic performance overall. That might negate the need to bring the whole "video crew" and so to speak "Cirque Du Soleil" on stage.

In-studio Vocal Production and Expertise:

In general, it is presumed, unfortunately, that the music producer is a "Jack of all musical trades", i.e. he acts as a general practitioner who is "ready to step in for a neuro-surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon during the major surgery". Ha!  The common sense would suggest that the patients who need neuro-surgery, would require a neurologist and not a GP. However, in the music business, the music producer (GP) presumably is "very knowledgeable in vocals". NOT My experience of teaching, consulting and recording for over 35 years is showing that at best, they know what they want  to hear, but they have no expertise of how to get what they want to hear from any caliber of singer. Instead, they're using digitized technology How sad

  Needless to say, THE VOCAL EXPERT/PRODUCER in studio IS A MUST.

Safe Voice Revolution?

Voice Safety and Vocal Damage Prevention

Non-surgical Voice Repair 

Needless to say, the prevention of any disease or damage would be desirable. Similarly, the voice damage prevention is in the same league as any other major disease. The majority of singers are "playing it by ear" and having no clue what will next come out of their mouth. Moreover, they are assured that it's not that important. Just dance (or bring the sexy dancers do some acrobatics, hang on chandeliers and rely on your background singers Sounds like fun, huh? NO! Not at all. It is a shame, as nobody in a real sense can sing without relying on the external attributes. Moreover, even with the "faint" and occasional "singing", there is still a danger of voice/vocal damage.

The proper voice placement with the proper support and structure will assure the aimed delivery of the sound and the voice free of pain or strain and thus, aimed and desired projection will be achieved. The ignorance of the latter, no doubts, will produce a need for the voice repair. Could that be done non-surgically? In the majority of not too severe cases, yes BUT NOT ALWAYS.   That said, PREVENTION IS A MUST!