Translator Jobs – Document, Books, Emails, Movies, Video

Translator Jobs – Document, Books, Emails, Movies, Video
Employment type: Full-time
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Posted: 2016-03-02


We are a company looking for qualified individuals to help out with translating tasks such as:

- translating emails

- translating documents

- translating books

- translating subtitles to movies

- andtranslating subtitles to videos


- High school graduate or GED qualified with an interest in translating for real companies and individuals.

- Your experience in reading and writing in another language.

- Be bilingual or above, the more languages the better. Your knowledge will reflect upon your pay.

- Strong written grammar skills and the ability to proofread effectively.

- Being able to manage multiple projects at once.

- Internet Access/Online Access (THIS IS A MUST).

This is a part-time and full-time job, depending on your availability.

Hours are flexible from 10-40 hours per week.

Travel is not required. Pay is discussed via communication after application process.

Please email translatorjobsmanager.jv (at) gmail (dot) com with your full name and a resume. We will contact you shortly after, within 24 hours. Thank you.

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