Tired of swinging a hammer? Labor Experience WANTED

Employment type: Full-time
City: Toronto
Last visit: 2014-01-30
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Posted: 2014-01-30


Working in the construction and labor industry is great for those who love being busy and have a great work ethic. The money is usually pretty good and you get to directly work on projects and see the results right away.   After a while, the long hours and back-breaking work can take its toll. Here at Ovio, we aren’t looking for somebody with a marketing degree or years of sales experience; we know we can train a lot of those skills. Instead, we are looking for somebody who knows how to work hard and has a ‘get the job done’ mentality.   Ovio is currently looking for somebody to start at the entry-level for the B2C Sales/Marketing team.   What is B2C Sales/Marketing?   ·         Business to Consumer Sales: Bridging the gap between our client and their customers through face to face interactions ·         Spending time in an office environment learning how to develop professional skills ·         Acquiring new customers for our client   Why would this be a good fit for you?   ·         Above average income 600-900/week) without having to do hard labor ·         We provide full training ·         Advancement and growth opportunities   If you have experience but no relevant post-secondary education and are having a hard time finding work outside of construction, send us your resume for immediate consideration.   Due to a high volume of responses, we will only be contacting candidates who would be available to start within a week. (please specify on resume)