The Fur Factor - All Breed Pet Grooming. (Pape & Danforth)

The Fur Factor - All Breed Pet Grooming. (Pape & Danforth)
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City: Toronto
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Posted: 2014-01-30


We offer personalized grooming

for your pets in our

low-stress environment.

Our focus is on providing professional

services for your dog or cat

without rushing them.

This includes stand-alone services

such as nail trims, teeth cleanings, flea baths

and our exclusive Muddy Paws Package.

By working with your pet to put him/her

at ease before, during and after the groom,

you get a happy, clean & content pet.

With over a decade of experience,

we offer breed specific grooms

as well as customized ones.

Whether it's a full groom or just a nail trim,

our groomers will work with your pet to

ensure that his/her experience

is a pleasant one!   Contact us today:

647-345-2333   FAQ'S

Why do I need to provide proof of rabies

vaccination for my dog or cat?

It's for your own protection.

If a grooming salon doesn't

require up to date proof of rabies

vaccination for your pet,

that means they don't require it

for other people's pets as well.

That puts your pet and family at risk.   How often should I get my dog or cat groomed?

How often you groom your pet is about as

personal an option as how often

you get your own hair done.

It depends on the condition of their coat,

how active they are and what kind of

look you would like for them.

Bottom line, we'll help you determine

what combination of brush-outs, touch-ups

and full grooms is best for

your pet and your family.   Is grooming stressful/painful for my dog/cat?

If done improperly, grooming can be very

stressful, which is why we go out of our

way to promote a low-stress

environment for your pet.

With your permission,

we provide lots of treats or

you're welcome to bring your own.

If your pet is heavily matted;

it can be painful to

de-matt him/her, so we'd suggest

a shave-down, which is

less stressful/painful and will cost less.