Tax Evasion Assistance from Toronto Tax Lawyer

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Posted: 2017-02-04


Our top Toronto tax lawyers fight CRA tax evasion charges and failure to file tax return charges for our clients. At the first indication of possible tax evasion or other tax charges you need to retain one of our top Toronto tax lawyers. A taxpayer should never meet with a CRA investigator without a professional Canadian tax lawyer present. If you are charged with a tax offence the case will drag on for years if not handled by someone who understands both the tax and accounting aspects of your tax prosecution case. The penalties for tax related crimes are serious and severe.

There are multiple financial penalties, both civil and criminal, each with compounding interest, backed up with the CRA ability to seize your assets without a court order, and ending up with possible incarceration in jail. To get assistance from our tax Lawyer Toronto, give us a call at +1- 416-367-4222 or mail us at