Shoogles Mackay and the Redheaded Witch

Shoogles Mackay and the Redheaded Witch
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Shoogles Mackay and the Redheaded Witch

An Isle of Bute Adventure

An Adventure Story

By Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie

ISBN: - 978-0-244-38644-3

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Lulu Publications: North Carolina, USA

On a wet day in August, the Mackay family, mum and dad and four children, two girls and a boy and a baby brother, arrive on the ferry from Wemyss Bay. Standing on the open deck, they’re looking at the town of Rothesay. This is the start of their two weeks holiday on the island, which they are visiting for the first time.

They are hoping for a quite holiday.

Will they have a quite holiday? No.

Shoogles Mackay and the Redheaded Witch will make sure of that.

It will be exciting and dangerous for the young ones, and two local boys they will meet on the island… that they never expected.

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