Mining Rig Contract 3000kh's - 24 hours!

$60 $77
City: Toronto
Last visit: 2014-01-11
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Posted: 2014-01-11


This is a 24hr mining contract and not a physical product. I am able to accept longer mining contracts if interested.

I am selling a contract to setup my rig to mine any coin that you want with my mining rig.

What are the benefits:

- You don't pay for power usage to run unit

- You don't have to own the Rig

- You can mine any coin you want (24hrs or longer)

- You are new to cryptocurrency's and want some coins without owning any equipment

- No risk involved on getting initial return back on graphics cards or Rig you spent for

- Just set up a pool and I will enter the worker details, you can monitor anytime

After payment you can send me your Pool: Worker User ID, Worker Password, Server address/Port. Never ever send your actual account info, only the worker info is needed.

I will guarantee the actual mining speed, but I can't be held responsible on possible problems on the other end. Please note that the pool doesn't show the actual real hash rate and there's always some fluctuations.

I'll also throw in some extra hashes since I will not stop mining right at the minute when our deal ends, so you'll really get your money's worth.

This rig runs on Windows 7 and the cards (4 x R9 280x Sapphire Dual-X) are crate mounted to run cool and smoothly for the whole time. This mining rig has never been shut down for any reason and Internet connection is also stable and never has any disconnection.

The cost for 24hr Mining contract at 3000kh's:

$60 - (You receive all coins to your mining pool)

I am willing to offer longer contracts, please contact me for details if interested.

Please email me if you have any questions or problems setting up the pool/worker

I can also  help you by Email or Text 416-949-4173

- Due to the large amount of interest I will not be accepting phone calls at this time

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