Line 6 POD XT Live Guitar Effects Processor

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Good as new, store floor demo model.

With the PodXT Live, you can get an entire fleet of professional pedal effects, tones, and much morethe sounds of virtually every great amp and cabinet combo in rock history and morefrom one easy-to-use, gig-ready device. Whether you use the PodXT as a preamp, a versatile pedal, a means of getting that one sound you always dreamed of on stage, or an elegant solution for direct guitar recording, the rugged Line 6 PodXT Live is ready for action.

The Pedal Of TomorrowToday!

Simply put, the PodXT Live is like an old-fashioned effects pedal: plug your guitar in, step on the pedal, and the sound changes. However, this pedal gives you far more options than a traditional pedal. You get to choose from any of 36 the amplifier models, more than 20 cabinet models, and 4 microphone models, each of which can be combined, giving you an incredibly broad tonal palette to explore, plus 80 hand-picked stompbox and studio effects that can be applied to those tones. Now, just imagine stacking 80 stompboxes on your pedalboard. Even if you could fit it on the stage, are your Twister skills really good enough that you could put it to use? With the PodXT Live, you get all this in a convenient, gig-ready format. It has a generous, readable, backlit display, making it easy to see what you're doing on the darkest of stages.

Save Your SoundsAnd Build More

The PodXT provides 128 presets, delivering more amp, cabinet, and effects chains that you'll probably ever need on stage at one time, instantly switchable with the tap of your foot. If the included presets aren't what you're looking for, they can easily be tweaked or replaced by presets of your own, and there's a vast online library of professionally programmed, easy-to-download tones from some of the greatest songs and bands in history. Want to get that "Master of Puppets" sound? You can dig up an old Guitar World in which Kirk Hammett tells the exact combination of pedals, amps, cabinets and microphones he used, and then buy all that gear yourself, but it'll be an awful lot easier (not to mention cheaper) just to download the "Master of Puppets" tone to your PodXT Live and call it up whenever the mood strikes. Why not see how it would have sounded if Kirk had used a different cabinet while you're at it? It's a button-push away.

Tweakabilitus Maximus

If you're digging the patch you have called up, but want to turn off the phaser when you get to the chorus, you can switch over to stompbox mode and the XT Live functions just like a pedalboard. Now, instead of changing the entire patch when you step on a switch, you can independently trigger any of the effects in the signal chain. Switch out of stompbox mode and you're back to calling up presets. Pretty simple. For additional sound-sculpting on-the-fly, a combination wah/volume/tweak pedal lets you alter the character of virtually anything in your signal chain. There's an additional expression pedal input as well, if you need even more control. Want to sync your delay to the drummer's groove, but haven't the foggiest idea how many milliseconds you need? Don't feel bad, neither does your drummer. Just hit the tap-tempo switch in time with the beat, and your delay will be right where you want it. This switch can also trigger the tuner, keeping you on-pitch all the time. The sound is automatically muted when the tuner is on, so the gig flows on with no awkward interruptions. Tune while the frontman is engaged in some witty banter, and the crowd will be none the wiser. We mentioned the backlit display, right? Tuning is a snap.

Plug It In, Plug It In

There are about as many ways to set up a stage rig as there are guitar players, so Line 6 makes it super simple to get connected. First, the guitar input has a selectable pad and adjustable level so it can handle the hottest pickups and high-output stompboxes (not that you need them From there, you can run the PodXT Live pedalboard-style, between your guitar and amp. If you want to get a little crazier, run the 1/4-inch stereo outputs into two separate amps and set them up across the stage for monstrous ping-pong delay effects. You can also run the XT Live into your effects loop if your amp has one. With all the amp modeling capabilities on board, you may not even need a traditional amp. Use it as your front end, connecting straight into a power amp and out to a cabinet. If you want more control over the stage mix, you can also connect the XT Live direct to your PA system. Remember the monstrous ping-pong delay reference? You can also set this up across the Front of House mains with a stereo or two-track input on your PA mixer. Just make sure you have enough monitors, because otherwise you'll miss the stage volume. With the tone this thing delivers, no one wants that! For personal jamming and practice sessions, the headphone output lets you crank it up without waking the neighbors. Connect your CD/MP3 player via the aux input, and you're rocking along to your favorite tunes. The aux input is also great for drum machines, kicking the typical metronome woodshed sessions up a few notches. Onboard MIDI connectivity lets you sync up with a ton of outboard gear, and the USB2.0 port is great for adding new patches to the PodXT Live and deeper editing of patches from your computer with downloadable software from Line 6's website.

Built For The RoadBut a Wonder in the Studio

Sure, "Live" is in the name, but the XT is a dream in the studio as well. It's hard to beat the sound of a traditional "close mic" guitar recording technique, but it's not without its drawbacks. First, you typically need to crank your amp way up to get the sound you're looking for, and that can be a real problem for home and project studios. Your neighbors aren't always willing to suffer for your art like you are. Second, as you may have heard, microphones pick up sound. Not just amp sounds, unfortunately, but the hum of your refrigerator, passing cars, jets flying overhead, your significant other popping in every few minutes to ask "are you finished yet?", and anything else that can ruin an otherwise useable take. With the PodXT Live, you can record direct, eliminating the excessive volume and all-hearing microphone problems, without sacrificing any of the tone. Remember, the signal chain includes models for amps, cabinets, and microphones, so you're simulating the close mic process without all the pitfalls. You can even adjust the mic placement (on/off axis) and distance from the virtual speaker, letting you experiment to get just the sound you're looking for. You'll get pristine guitar tracks in a fraction of the time, and without all the headaches.

The Sound is Out There

Somewhere in the universe is the next sound that will take the world by storm. No one's ever heard anything quite like it before, but as soon as we do, we'll wonder how rock and roll got by without it. Whatever that sound turns out to be, it's hiding somewhere inside of the PodXT Live. Find it, and make it your own.