DSLR Slider for Video/Film Production

DSLR Slider for Video/Film Production
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Brand new in box.

This Camera Slider is a quiet, smooth and versatile camera slider. It allows you to mobilize any movie camera, video camera, digital camera or other equipment. As you slide the camera across the slider and take pictures, each picture is seeing the subject at a different angle.

It is ultra compact and convenient, and takes only seconds to assemble. The Camera Slider can take the place of a Camera Dolly System. It is so versatile and convenient that it completes your video even in a tight space and in much less time than a camera dolly can manage.

You can mount your own ballhead onto the Camera Slider to produce more angles and positions to creat an extraordinary video shoot.

Two Models Available:

100 cm(40 inch $259.99

120 cm(47 inch $299.99

Special features:

Body is made of heavy duty aluminum alloy and steel.

Carriage uses 4 steel roller bearings.

Total length: 100cm or 120cm

Weight: 2.8kg

Max load 17.6 lbs | 8 kg.

A built-in Level in the head.

The carriage has 3/8" Male thread.

With 3/8" & 1/4" Attachment holes.

Quick and easy to set up.

Comes with padded travel case.

The camera plate on the top of the slider has a standard screw, which makes it compatible with all cameras.

Package includes:

1 Camera Track Dolly Slider

1 carry bag

100cm Slider + BH 18 ballhead combo: $299.99

120cm Slider +BH18 ballhead combo: 339.99

Professional BH-18 ballhead:

Brand new in box.

Jusino BH-18 professional ballhead with quick release plate, excellent craftsmanship.

6 years factory warranty.

Material: Aluminum

Height: 9.5 cm

Color: black

Ballhead diameter: ɸ36

Weight:0.39 kg

Max load: 10 kg

More items at www.photovideomart.com

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