Coturnix Quail Chicks Born Jan 14th

Coturnix Quail Chicks Born Jan 14th
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City: Toronto
Last visit: 2014-01-17
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Posted: 2014-01-17


I am offering Coturnix Quail Chicks (born Jan 14th) $2 each. Some things to keep in mind with day old quail chicks:

-a heat lamp must be used for the first 4-6 weeks with a temperature starting at 90-95°F decreasing by 5°F each week

-chicks cannot be on wire for the first 7-10 days and must instead start on soft padding (drawer liners work well) and after 5 days pine shavings can be added

-a no-drown waterer is highly recommended (we have them available for $5)

-quail chicks will need feed as soon as you get them home. We recommend game starter of 22-28 We have 24% non-medicated game starter crumb available for $3.00 for 2kg

-quail chicks must be kept indoors and out of draft

-I will box them for you. Just make sure your car is very hot for them so they don't chill on the way home. Bringing a hot water bottle is a good idea. Chicks will not survive on the bus or subway. You must drive a car to pick them up.

Unsexed quail chicks are $2 each. I meet at the Tim Hortons at Islington and Elmhurst in the evening and on the weekend.

We do not have button quail, gamble quail, chuckars, bobwhites, or any other birds available. Delivery can be arranged for a small fee.